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Andreas Hykade
2020 | 11 min
2D Animation

Selections and Awards

  • Best Animation Film Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany (2020)

  • Honourable Mention International Film Festival "Etiuda & Anima" (ONLINE), Cracow, Poland (2020)

  • Craft Award for Best ScriptOttawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, Canada (2020)

  • Best Short Animation Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA (ONLINE), Athens, Greece (2020)

  • Grand PrizeCinanima International Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Portugal (2020)

  • Official SelectionAnnecy International Animation Film Festival, Annecy, France (2020)

  • Official SelectionAnimafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb, Croatia (2020)

  • Official Competition GLAS Animation Festival, California, U.S.A. (2021)

  • Official Selection Bucheon International Animation Festival, Bucheon, South Korea (2020)

  • Official SelectionNew Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Hokkaido, Japan (2020)

  • Official SelectionFestival du nouveau cinéma - FNC, Montreal, Canada (2020)

  • Official SelectionFestival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie – FICFA, Moncton, New Brunswick (2020)

  • Official SelectionVictoria Film Festival, Victoria, British Columbia (2021)

  • International Competition – Animation AvantgardeVienna Shorts International Short Film Festival, Austria (2021)

  • Official Selection – International CompetitionAnimatou – International Animation Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland (2021)

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Andreas Hykade

Andreas Hykade

Andreas Hykade was born during the summer of love in the Bavarian town of Altötting, “the Lourdes of Germany,” famous for its chapel housing a popular shrine to the Virgin Mary.

Hykade has created animation for young audiences and adults, combining distinctive minimalist design with moments of lavishly detailed, psychedelic-inspired imagery. His stories deal with childhood memories and touch upon themes of identity, love, desire, death, and addiction. His award-winning shorts include We Lived in Grass (1995), Ring of Fire (2000), The Runt (2006), Love & Theft (2010), and Nuggets (2015).

Since 2015, Hykade has been the director of the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Chairman of FMX: The Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media.

His most recent film, Altötting, is a co-production between Studio Film Bilder, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and Ciclope Filmes. This is Hykade’s first collaboration with the NFB.

Regina Pessoa
Artistic Director and Painting Supervisor
Photo : Rene Volfik

Regina Pessoa

Regina Pessoa spent her childhood in Portugal listening to family stories and watching her uncle draw pictures on the walls of her grandmother’s house. It was her first step toward the world of animation. More practically, she studied various animation techniques during her studies at the Porto School of Fine Arts. At the Portuguese studio Filmógrafo, she worked on a number of films by Abi Feijó before producing her own first short film in 1999, entitled The Night. This delicate work was followed by Tragic Story with Happy Ending (2005) and Kali the Little Vampire (2012), two films that, along with The Night, form a marvelous trilogy about childhood. Pessoa’s most recent film, Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days (2019), has won numerous international awards.

Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Producer (Studio Film Bilder)

Thomas Meyer-Hermann

Thomas Meyer-Hermann studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart and has directed six award-winning animated shorts. He has been producing auteur short films, music videos, commissioned films, and TV series at Studio Film Bilder in Stuttgart since 1989. He is also the producer and the protagonist of Andreas Hykade’s series Tom and the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam and Honey. From 2000 to 2019, he worked as an animation professor at the Art University in Kassel. He is currently preparing several children’s series as well as an animated feature film.

Abi Feijó
Producer (Ciclope Filmes)
Photo : Regina Pessoa

Abi Feijó

Abi Feijó is a renowned animation filmmaker and producer. He made his first short film in 1985 during an internship at the National Film Board of Canada. His filmography includes Os Salteadores (The Outlaws, 1993), Fado Lusitano (1995), Stowaway (2000) and Our Lady of Presentation (2015), which was co-directed with Alice Guimarães, Laura Gonçalves and Daniela Duarte. Feijó has produced all of Regina Pessoa’s films: The Night (1999), Tragic Story with Happy Ending (2005, co-produced with Folimage and the NFB); Kali the Little Vampire (2012, co-produced with Folimage, the NFB and Studio GDS) and Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days (2019, co-produced with the NFB and Les Armateurs). Feijó is currently the director of the Casa Museu de Vilar, an animated film museum in Lousada, Portugal.

Marc Bertrand
Producer (NFB)
Photo : Stephan Ballard

Marc Bertrand

Since joining the NFB’s French Animation Studio in 1998, Marc Bertrand has produced more than one hundred films, including a number of award-winning titles. He’s worked with Theodore Ushev for many years, producing some of the filmmaker’s most significant works, including Tower Bawher (2006); Drux Flux (2009); Lipsett Diaries (2010), which received a Genie Award and a Special Mention at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival; Gloria Victoria, winner of the 2013 FIPRESCI Award at Annecy; and Blind Vaysha, which won both the Jury Award and the Junior Jury Award for a Short Film at Annecy before being nominated for an Oscar® in 2017. He also produced Patrick Doyon’s Oscar-nominated short Sunday (2011), which won the 2012 Jutra Award for Best Animated Film.

Over the years, Marc has worked with both established and up-and-coming filmmakers, including Jacques Drouin (Imprints2004), Georges Schwizgebel (Romance, 2011, Genie Award), Nicola Lemay and Janice Nadeau (No Fish Where to Go, 2014FIPRESCI Award at Annecy), Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (Jutra, 2013, Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, Jutra Award, Canadian Screen Award), and Diane Obomsawin (I Like Girls, 2016, Ottawa International Animation Festival award).

Marc’s most recent projects include Moïa Jobin-Paré’s No Objects (Special Jury Prize at Animafest Zagreb 2019), Theodore Ushev’s The Physics of Sorrow (winner of more than 20 festival awards), the 13-episode series by graphic novelists Iris and Cathon, The Great List of Everything, and Catherine Lepage’s The Great Malaise (selected at the Berlinale). Andreas Hykade’s new opus, Altötting, and Michelle and Uri Kranot’s short animated film and VR installation, Hangman at Home, will be released in 2020.

Julie Roy
Executive Producer (NFB)

Julie Roy

As the Executive Producer of the National Film Board of Canada’s French Animation Studio, Julie Roy has produced some 40 animated short films. She holds a master’s degree in cinema studies from Université de Montréal and has published numerous articles about women and animated films.

In 2019, she co-produced Regina Pessoa’s Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days (Ciclope Filmes/NFB/Les Armateurs), which won two awards at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, including the Jury Award in the short film category. She was also the executive producer for Theodore Ushev’s new film, The Physics of Sorrow. Other recent productions include Patrick Bouchard’s The Subject and Matthew Rankin’s The Tesla World Light, both of which screened at Cannes, at the 2018 Directors’ Fortnight and the 2017 Semaine de la Critique, respectively. In 2016, she co-produced Franck Dion’s The Head Vanishes (Papy 3D/NFB), which won the Cristal Award at Annecy. Among the many other artists whose work she has guided are Claude Cloutier and Michèle Lemieux.

Roy encourages diverse approaches to filmmaking. She is currently developing an interactive installation with Nicolas Brault and working with Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Madame Tutli-Putli, 2007) on their next short film.


Script, Direction, Narration
Andreas Hykade

Andreas Hykade & Regina Pessoa

Assistant Director
Orion Schweitl

Daniel Scott

Bernard Richter

Sound Design
Olivier Calvert

Artistic Director and Painting Supervisor
Regina Pessoa

Regina Pessoa
Sara Naves
André Marques
Alexandre Braga

Elena Walf
Andreas Hykade
Anselm Pyta
Orion Schweitl

Orchestration and Conducting
Daniel Scott

An adaptation of Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria”

Amélie Benoit-Bastien
Ariane Brisson
Martin Carpentier
Gabrièle Dostie-Poirier
Philippe Dunnigan
Annie Gadbois
Christine Giguère
Annie Guénette
Marcelle Mallette
Madeleine Messier
Elvira Misbakhova
Ligia Paquin
Pierre Pépin
Christian Prévost
Daniel Scott
Julie Sirois
Jocelyn Veilleux

Louis Babin

Lise Wedlock

Foley Assistant
Thomas Garant

Sound and Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Voice Recording and Music Mix
Charles-Émile Beaudin

Isabelle Lussier

Technical Directors
Ralf Bohde
Eric Pouliot
Pierre Plouffe

Technical Specialist – Animation
Yannick Grandmont

Technical Coordinator
Jean-François Laprise

Ralf Bohde
Cynthia Ouellet

Online Editor
Serge Verreault

Production Manager
Bianca Just

Line Producers
Mylène Augustin
Anne-Marie Bousquet

Studio Coordinators
Laetitia Seguin
Michèle Labelle

Diane Régimbald
Karine Desmeules

Senior Production Coordinator
Camila Blos

Margarita Garrido
Luís Pereira

Marketing Manager
Geneviève Bérard

In memory of
Anica Hykade

Thanks to
Martin Delisle
Dorothee Silbermann
Maria Silvestre
Siddharth Sinha
David Verrall

With the support of
MFG Baden-Württemberg
Filmförderanstalt Berlin
Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual
Ministério da Cultura

Executive Producers
Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Abi Feijó
Julie Roy

Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Marc Bertrand
Abi Feijó

Co-produced by
The National Film Board of Canada
Ciclope Filmes



© 2020 Studio FILM BILDER, National Film Board of Canada, Ciclope Filmes

Press Relations

  • Nadine Viau
    NFB Publicist – Montreal
    C.: 514-458-9745

  • About Studio Film Bilder

    Studio Film Bilder was founded in 1989 by Thomas Meyer-Hermann. Film Bilder has a long track record of creating innovative short films, music videos, TV series, and features. The studio’s acclaimed body of work has emphasized unique design, original storytelling and a network of close collaborators (including directors like Angela Steffen, Julia Ocker, Gil Alkabetz, Andreas Hykade, and Phil Mulloy). Film Bilder’s commissioned works include animated sequences for the feature film Run Lola Run, animation layout for the animated feature Three Robbers, and animation for Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale. Aside from producing a number of acclaimed short films, including Rubicon, The Runt, The Final Solution, Nuggets and Love & Theft, the studio has also created three successful children series: Tom and the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam and Honey, Patchwork Pals and Animanimals. The studio’s films have won 300 awards, and its YouTube channel, youtube.com/filmbilder, has 750,000 subscribers.

  • About the NFB

    The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a leader in exploring animation as an artform, a storytelling medium and innovative content for emerging platforms. It produces trailblazing animated works both in its Montreal studios and across  the country, and it works with many of the world’s leading creators on international co-productions. NFB productions have won more than 7,000 awards, including seven Oscars for NFB animation and seven grand prizes at the Annecy festival. To access this unique content, visit NFB.ca.

  • About Ciclope Filmes

    Ciclope Filmes was founded by Abi Feijó in 2002 to produce auteur animated shorts, particularly those of Regina Pessoa, but the studio has also produced notable work by other acclaimed animators, such as Paul Bush, Andreas Hykade, Marcy Page, and Alice Guimarães and Mónica Santos. Ciclope Filmes has co-produced with many international partners, including the NFB and Blue Dada Productions (Canada), Studio Film Bilder (Germany), Folimage and Les Armateurs (France), Studio GDS (Switzerland) and The Ancient Mariner (UK). Ciclope’s films have won awards at major animation festivals and events such as the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the Annie Awards, the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Anima Mundi, Animafest Zagreb, OIAF, SXSW, the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, SICAF, Cinanima, Monstra and the Sophia Awards.