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A Quiet Girl

Une fille tranquille
Adrian Wills
2023 | 86 min 15 s

Awards and Festivals

  • Official SelectionBelleville Downtown DocFest, Canada (2024)

  • Official SelectionAvailable Light Film Festival, Canada (2024)

  • Official SelectionAtlantic International Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2023)

  • Nominee - Best Documentary Feature Silver Wave Film Festival, Canada (2023)

  • Official SelectionRendez-vous Québec Cinéma (2024)

A Quiet Girl – Full Trailer

A Quiet Girl – Promo Clip






Excerpt 1 - Adrian discusses the concept of truth with author Michael Crummey.

Excerpt 2 - Adrian talks with a retired adoption counsellor about the mysteries surrounding his birth.

Excerpt 3 - Adrian tries to find information on his birth father.


Filmmaker Adrian Wills' birth mother, Mary Margaret.

Baby hospital bracelets from a foster home in Newfoundland.

Filmmaker Adrian Wills in Newfoundland.

Filmmaker Adrian Wills and his sister as children.

Newfoundland's coastline.

Filmmaker Adrian Wills talking to Norm, a friend of his birth mother.

Filmmaker Adrian Wills in Greenspond, Newfoundland.

Childhood photo of Adrian Wills' birth mother, Mary Margaret.

Filmmaker Adrian Wills and his aunt in Arizona.

Filmmaker Adrian Wills as a small child and his adoptive mother, Nina.


Adrian Wills

Photo : Annette Clarke

Annette Clarke
Producer and Executive Producer

Photo : Dave Howells

Rohan Fernando
Executive Producer

Photo : Meghan Tansey Whitton

John Christou
Executive Producer, Director of Production & Operations, Programming | Creation

Photo : NFB

Kelly Davis
Associate Producer

Photo : NFB


Written and Directed by
Adrian Wills

Edited by
Heidi Haines

Director of Photography
Van Royko

Additional Cinematography
Mario Janelle
John Walker

Original Music
Tim Baker

Lullaby for Mary Margaret
by Mara Pellerin

Sound Design
Sacha Ratcliffe

Wanda Nolan

Produced by
Annette Clarke

Special thanks
Ellen Cousins Pellerin
Mara Pellerin
Johannah Cousins Malti
Walter Ungerer
Nina Wills
Kristin Wills Dahlen
Roland Burry
Shawn and Connie Burry
Michael Crummey
Jean Ann Farrell
Majors Bob and Cassie Kean
Lorraine Rideout
Anne Roane Sheldon
Linda Swain
Norm and Cavell Woodland

Camera Operators
Julio Alvarez
Simran Dewan
Lauren Guarneri
Mark O’Neill
Cody Westman

Location Sound Recording
Josh Owen

Additional Sound Recording
Don Ellis
Lisa Gage
Michelle Lacour
Scott Yates

Darkroom Photography
Bud Gaulton

Production Manager
Lynn Andrews

Lori Heath
Tamara Segura

Karla Baumgardner

Foley Recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Additional Sound Design
Isabelle Riche

Tim Baker, pianos, organs, synths, guitars, banjos, voices
Mara Pellerin, voices

Additional Music
“Swimming Back”
“When I Meet My Mother”
“A Whole New Beginning”
“Mary’s Lighthouse”
“New Arizona Wind”
“Sainte Maries Waters”
All additional music by Tim Baker 2022
Courtesy of Plug Your Ears Publishing Ltd.

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Thank You
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Nicholas Aspinal & Cara Faith
Jishnu Banerjee and Julie Piesina
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City of St. John’s
College of the North Atlantic
Greenspond Historical Society
Montreal Adoption Services
Puffin Island Lightstation
The Salvation Army Gander Citadel
The Salvation Army New-Wes-Valley
Sault Ste Marie Police Department
Southcott Hall Centre for Nursing Studies

Production Supervisor
Roz Power

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Lord
Christopher MacIntosh
André Solat

Graphics and Title Design
Mélanie Bouchard
Fred Casia
Alain Ostiguy

Online Editor
Serge Verreault

Digital editing technicians
Patrick Trahan
Pierre Dupont
Marie-Josée Gourde

Isabelle Lussier

Associate Producer
Kelly Davis

Studio Administrator
Leslie Anne Poyntz

Marketing Manager
Jamie Hammond

Osas Eweka-Smith

Legal Counsel
Dominique Aubry

Executive Producers Quebec Atlantic Studio
Annette Clarke
John Christou
Rohan Fernando

Writers Guild of Canada
Directors Guild of Canada
Canadian Federation of Musicians

A Quiet Girl
A National Film Board of Canada production
© 2023 The National Film Board of Canada

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