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A Change of Scenery

Anita Lebeau
2019 | 3 min 39

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Anita Lebeau
Photo : Thomas Fricke

Anita Lebeau

Anita Lebeau is a multi-talented filmmaker, equally at home as an animator, director, producer, writer, editor, and teacher. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she has over 25 years of experience in the Canadian film industry. Two of her films, Louise and Big Drive, have won awards, including the Annecy Junior Jury Award and the Chuck Jones Award, respectively.

In addition to her animation credits, Lebeau has also produced, written, and directed documentaries, including Art City. She currently works on a French animation series, Canot Cocasse, and is the co-creator of Scraphic Novels, a multimedia story- and book-making project for young students. Lebeau also teaches a course in animation at the University of Manitoba School of Art.

FACE|TIME is Lebeau’s most recent project. It focuses on portraits and the hands that create them while exploring the themes of time, aging, art, and self-perception. A Change of Scenery, a three-minute animated short about the power of small choices, marks her third collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada.

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith lives in Winnipeg and is a producer for the National Film Board of Canada, where she works with filmmakers and artists from across the country to create documentary, animation and interactive audiovisual works.

Her work at the NFB, which includes interactive projects God’s Lake Narrows (2011) and Seven Digital Deadly Sins (a 2014 co-production with the British newspaper The Guardian), has received recognition and awards from the Webby Awards, SXSW and IDFA. She co-wrote and produced the short film Nowhere Land with Igloolik-based filmmaker Bonnie Ammaaq, which won Best Short Documentary at Toronto’s imagineNATIVE festival (2015).

Prior to joining the NFB, Alicia worked at CBCRadio3.com, a media-rich online magazine that broke new ground in interactive storytelling and garnered international acclaim. In addition, her work as sole interactive producer, designer and programmer on Original Citizens, an online documentary created in collaboration with CBC Radio journalists, received a gold medal at the New York Festivals (2003).

Michael Fukushima
Executive Producer

Michael Fukushima

Michael Fukushima has been making films since 1984. He joined the NFB in 1990 to direct the animated documentary Minoru: Memory of Exile (1992), winner of the Hot Docs Best Short Documentary award. Michael became an NFB animation producer in 1997, and was appointed executive producer of the NFB’s fabled Animation Studio in 2013. Whilst continuing to produce a couple of films each year, Michael now focuses primarily on sustaining and building upon the seven-decade legacy of NFB Animation, and on mentoring the next generation of the Animation Studio. Animal Behaviour is Michael’s 2018 production.

David Christensen
Executive Producer (NFB)
Photo : NFB

David Christensen

David Christensen is the executive producer of the NFB’s North West Studio, which looks after documentary, animation and interactive production in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Recent films from the studio include Tasha Hubbard’s nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up, WALL, directed by Cam Christiansen, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril’sAngry Inuk, The Tournament, directed by Sam Vint, and Supreme Law, directed by Katerina Cizek.


Written & Directed by
Anita Lebeau

Anita Lebeau

Sound Design
Christine Fellows

Digital Image Consultation
Pierre Plouffe
Pierre Ferlatte
Luc Binette

Research Assistance
Elizabeth Klinck

Sound Mix | Re-recording
Bruce Little

Online | Colour Correction
Tony Wytinck

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Studio Administrator
Bree Beach
Devon Supeene

Production Coordinator
Faye Yoneda

Production Supervisor
Esther Viragh

Marketing Manager
Catherine Veitch
Leslie Stafford

Archival Sources
Lebeau Family Collection
Prelinger Archives

Special Thanks
Karin Adams
Elenore Wieler
Susan Anderson
Scott, Emma and Maggie Collins

Alicia Smith

Executive Producers
David Christensen
Michael Fukushima

Executive Director English Program
Michelle Van Beusekom

A production of The National Film Board of Canada – North West Studio
@2019 The National Film Board of Canada

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