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A Better Man

Attiya Khan & Lawrence Jackman
2017 | 79 min

Prizes and awards

  • Top Twenty Audience FavoriteHot Docs 2017

  • Official SelectionAtlantic International Film Festival 2017

  • Sabeen Mehmud Award for Courage in CinemaMosaic International South Asian Film Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionPEI Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionDOC NYC 2017

  • Official SelectionGimli Film Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionDocumenta 2017

  • Official SelectionSan Diego Asian Film Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionSt-John’s International Women's Film & Video Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionVisioni dal Mondo, Milan 2017

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The Social Issue


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Attiya Khan running.

Attiya and Steve - old photos.

Attiya Khan & Alex Mazer
Marina Dempster
Photo: Marina Dempster

Attiya Khan & Sollange Umwali
Marina Dempster
Photo: Marina Dempster

Lawrence Jackman & Attiya Khan
Marina Dempster
Photo: Marina Dempster

Marina Dempster
Photo: Marina Dempster

Attiya and Steve at the coffee shop.


Attiya Khan
Writer, Co-Director

Photo : Jennifer Rowsom

Lawrence Jackman
Co-Writer, Co-Director, Editor

Photo : Jennifer Rowsom

Christine Kleckner
Producer (Intervention Productions Inc.)

Photo : Jennifer Rowsom

Sarah Polley
Executive Producer

Photo : Denise Cronenberg

Anita Lee
Executive Producer (NFB)

Photo : NFB

Jane Jankovic
Executive Producer (TVO)


Kathy Avrich-Johnson
Co-Executive Producer

Photo : Paola Scattolon

Iris Ng
Director of Cinematography

Photo : Michael Barker

Lesley Barber

Photo : Katherine Holland


Intervention Productions
In co-production with the National Film Board of Canada
Produced in association with TVO
A film by Attiya Khan and Lawrence Jackman

Written and Directed by
Attiya Khan and Lawrence Jackman

Christine Kleckner

Justine Pimlott

Executive Producer
Sarah Polley

Executive Producer
Anita Lee

Executive Producer, TVO
Jane Jankovic

Executive Producers
Janice Dawe
Kathy Avrich-Johnson

Director of Photography
Iris Ng

Lawrence Jackman

Music Composed by
Lesley Barber

Attiya Khan
Tod Augusta-Scott
Alex Mazer
Elliot Mazer
Seth Martiniuk
Sollange Umwali

Associate Producer
Lori Chodos

Additional Cinematography
Jennifer Rowsom
Stan Barua
Marcus Matyas
Curry Leamen
John Price
Mark Caswell

Sound Recording
Jason Hopfner
Mary Wong
Bruce Cameron

Camera Assistant
Jordan Kawai
Eva Percewicz
Stephanie Corfield

Zach Zohr
Mark Feenstra
Stefan Kuchar
David Doldersom

Set Shuter

Additional DIT
Curry Leamen
Gregory Szymanski

Production Assistant
Shane MacKinnon
Rob Chodos

Stills Photography
Marina Dempster

Title Design
Electric Square

Impact Producer
Steph Guthrie

Narration Consultant
Soraya Peerbaye

Elizabeth Kalbfleisch

Social Media
Janette Luu

Development Production Manager
Nagmeh Phelan

Music Supervisor
Jody Colero

Laurel Toews

Production Accountant
Candis Buder
Adriana Aviles

Kay & Warburton

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada

Interim Financing
Rogers Communications Inc.

Equipment Rental
Sim Digital
Charles Street Video
Joe Sutherland Rentals
William F. White International Inc.
Inspired Image Picture Company

Manager, Business Affairs
Nava Rastegar

Independent Production Officer, TVO
Linda Fong

For the NFB

Production Supervisor
Mark Wilson

Studio Administrator
Stefanie Brantner

Technical Coordinator
Marcus Matyas

Production Coordinators
Natalie van Dine
Andrew Martin-Smith

Marketing Managers
Melissa Wheeler
Amanda Laukys

Post-Production House
Redlab Digital

Account Manager
Ahmad Ismail

DI Producer
Linda Johnston

Jason Zukowski

Dave Oliver

Audio Post Facility
Tattersall Sound & Picture

Supervising Sound Editor
Jane Tattersall

Dialogue Editor
Krystin Hunter

Sound F/X Editor
Claire Dobson

Assistant Sound Editor
Chris King

Re-Recording Mixer
Martin Lee

Assistant Re-Recording Mixer
Jesse Fellows

ADR Recordist
Marcel Ramagnano

Audio Post Project Manager
Alex Åslund

Thanks to
Peter Gibson


Strings, Hardanger and Clarinet
Drew Jurecka

Piano, Keyboards and Programming
Lesley Barber

Recorded and Mixed by
Sydney Galbraith

Mixed at
Desert Fish Studios, Toronto

Editorial Assistance
Jakob Thiesen

Music Assistant
Iain Gardner

“Words in the Fire”
Written and Performed by Patrick Watson,
Simon Angell, Mikhail Stein, and Robbie Kuster
Licensed courtesy of Secret City Records Inc.
Published by Secret City Publishing Inc.



Media Relations

  • About the NFB

    Founded in 1939, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a one-of-a-kind producer, co-producer and distributor of distinctive, engaging, relevant and innovative documentary and animated films. As a talent incubator, it is one of the world’s leading creative centres. The NFB has enabled Canadians to tell and hear each other’s stories for over eight decades, and its films are a reliable and accessible educational resource. The NFB is also recognized around the world for its expertise in preservation and conservation, and for its rich and vibrant collection of works, which form a pillar of Canada’s cultural heritage. To date, the NFB has produced more than 14,000 works, 6,500 of which can be streamed free of charge at nfb.ca. The NFB and its productions and co-productions have earned over 7,000 awards, including 11 Oscars and an Honorary Academy Award for overall excellence in cinema.

  • About Intervention Productions

    Intervention Productions creates paradigm-shifting documentary media that presents new modes of understanding gender-based violence. By weaving together candid personal narratives and cutting-edge fieldwork, Intervention Productions tells powerful stories that challenge dominant viewpoints and offer refreshing glimpses at the many forms that healing and justice can take. The groundbreaking 2014 Indiegogo campaign for its debut feature, A Better Man, set a new bar for crowdfunding documentary film, raising over $100,000 from donors in 30 countries and earning support from influential artists ranging from Margaret Atwood to Leslie Feist. Intervention Productions co-founders Attiya Khan and Christine Kleckner believe passionately in the power of documentary storytelling to transform our communities and the world at large. For more information and resources including their impact and outreach work, visit www.abettermanfilm.com.