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Samara Grace Chadwick
2018 | 90 min

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionVisions du Réel 2018

  • Official SelectionHot Docs 2018

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Behind the Scenes Images

Selin Murat
Photo: Selin Murat

Ariel Villalon, Samara Chadwick and Mathieu Wade on film shoot. (2016).
Samara Chadwick
Photo: Samara Chadwick

The Cinematographer Pablo Alvarez-Mesa.
Selin Murat
Photo: Selin Murat

Samara Chadwick at the Mathieu Martin School (2016).
Selin Murat
Photo: Selin Murat

Samara Chadwick and Pablo Alvarez-Mesa at the Mathieu Martin School (2016).
Michael Chadwick
Photo: Michael Chadwick

Samara Chadwick filming the snow (2015).
Samara Chadwick
Photo: Samara Chadwick

Selin Murat and Pablo Alvarez-Mesa filming at the Mathieu-Martin School (2016).
Selin Murat
Photo: Selin Murat

Simon Doucet, Pablo Alvarez-Mesa, Samara Chadwick and Michael Chadiwck on the film shoot (2016).


Samara Chadwick

Photo : Michael Chadwick

Sarah Spring
Producer (Parabola Films)


Selin Murat
Producer (Parabola Films)

Photo : Samara Chadwick

Aline Schmid
Producer (Beauvoir Films)

Photo : Beauvoir Films

Jacques Gautreau
Producer (NFB)


Kat Baulu

Photo : NFB

Sarah M. Brideau



Written & Directed by
Samara Grace Chadwick

Edited by
Terra Jean Long

Pablo Alvarez-Mesa
Samara Grace Chadwick

Sound Recordist & Grip
Simon Doucet

Original Composition
Cyril Hahn

Music Production
Gabriel Malenfant
Vivianne Roy

Music Supervisor
Adèle Ho

Sound Design
Marie-Pierre Grenier

1999 Archival Camera
Mélanie Chiasson

Narrated by
Samara Grace Chadwick

Sarah Spring (Parabola Films)
Selin Murat (Parabola Films)
Aline Schmid (Beauvoir Films)
Kat Baulu (NFB)
Jac Gautreau(NFB)

Executive Producers
Annette Clarke (NFB)
Dominic Desjardins (NFB)

A Parabola Films production in coproduction with Beauvoir Films and The National Film Board of Canada

Media Relations

  • Nadine Viau
    NFB Publicist – Montreal
    C.: 514-458-9745

  • Parabola Films

    Founded by Sarah Spring and Selin Murat, Parabola Films is a boutique production company that creates auteur-driven documentaries. In tandem with international funders and broadcasters such as the Documentary Channel and the Sundance Fund, the company brings films to festivals, theatres, television and online. Parabola has released six films in seven years: The Devil’s Trap (CPH:DOX 2017), Nuestro Monte Luna (Hot Docs 2015), A City Is an Island (CPH:DOX 2014), Ariel (IDFA 2013), Jeppe on a Friday (RIDM 2012), and St-Henri, the 26th of August (Hot Docs 2011). Sarah Spring is President of the Board of Montreal’s A-list documentary festival, RIDM, and Selin Murat divides her time between Montreal and Istanbul, producing works from Turkey and curating films across the Middle East.

  • Beauvoir Films

    Beauvoir SARL is a Geneva-based audiovisual production company founded in 2016 by Aline Schmid. In 2017, Adrian Blaser joined the firm, which produces documentaries and auteur cinema for theatrical release, festivals, and television. The company focuses on filmmakers with a distinctive and innovative visual and narrative approach.

  • About the NFB

    Founded in 1939, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a one-of-a-kind producer, co-producer and distributor of distinctive, engaging, relevant and innovative documentary and animated films. As a talent incubator, it is one of the world’s leading creative centres. The NFB has enabled Canadians to tell and hear each other’s stories for over eight decades, and its films are a reliable and accessible educational resource. The NFB is also recognized around the world for its expertise in preservation and conservation, and for its rich and vibrant collection of works, which form a pillar of Canada’s cultural heritage. To date, the NFB has produced more than 14,000 works, 6,500 of which can be streamed free of charge at nfb.ca. The NFB and its productions and co-productions have earned over 7,000 awards, including 11 Oscars and an Honorary Academy Award for overall excellence in cinema.