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NFB RELEASES HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2019–2020. Results from the past year in creation, diversity and inclusion, gender parity, Indigenous works and distribution.


June 18, 2020 – Montreal – National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) today presented an overview of key results from the 2019–2020 fiscal year—a successful year, but one which ended as the NFB, the audiovisual industry and all Canadians faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our achievements are the result of the talent and hard work of NFB artists and craftspeople, working in close collaboration with our producers and staff, during a challenging year that ended with Canada in the throes of the pandemic,” said Claude Joli-Coeur, Government Film Commissioner and Chair of the NFB. “I want to highlight the contributions of all employees, creators and collaborators. They’ve enabled the NFB to press on with its commitment to gender parity, Indigenous creation and greater diversity and inclusion, in all of our activities.”

2019–2020 results


Diversity and Inclusion:

  • 23% of NFB works (17 titles) explored topics related to cultural diversity and multiculturalism.
  • 53% of all NFB works produced in 2019–2020 explored Indigenous, diversity, disability and discrimination related issues—a total of 40 films.

Gender Parity:

  • 47% of works in progress made by women (39% by men and 14% by mixed teams).
  • 44% of production spending on works in progress by women (42% on works by men and 14% on works by mixed teams).
  • 56% of works written by women (40% by men and 4% by mixed teams).
  • 46% of works edited by women (49% by men and 5% by mixed teams).
  • 23% of works with cinematography by women (71% by men and 6% by mixed teams).
  • 21% of works with musical scores by women (73% by men and 6% by mixed teams).
  • NFB awarded Platinum Parity Certification for 2019 by Women in Governance.

Indigenous Action Plan:

  • 15% of production spending on works by Indigenous creators.
  • 19% of works directed by Indigenous filmmakers
  • 16 works that explore Indigenous issues.
  • Indigenous employees represent 0.8% of all NFB staff, with the NFB committed to achieving a minimum of 4% Indigenous representation by 2025.
  • Indigenous Cinema, the NFB’s rich online collection of Indigenous-made films, now features more than 350 titles free online and reached 323,190 views.
  • Over 1,500 community screenings to date as part of the Aabiziingwashi (Wide Awake) NFB Indigenous cinema tour
  • Production of the Learning Lodge, an online educational experience providing Indigenous perspectives on history and culture, crafted with Indigenous experts. Launch: Spring 2021
  • Partnered with imagineNATIVE on the production and launch of On-Screen Protocols & Pathways: A Media Production Guide to Working with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities, Cultures, Concepts and Stories.

The NFB is completing an assessment of results to date for its Indigenous Action Plan (2017–2020) as well as upcoming action on the plan’s 33 commitments, both of which will be released this fall.

Highlights in distribution include:

  • 81 million global views recorded overall, 7 million more than last year.
  • 4 million students with access to the NFB’s online educational portal, CAMPUS.
  • Over 7,900 screenings have been held to date, in communities in every province and territory.

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