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Graphic novelist Guy Delisle working at NFB on animated short based on his Guide du mauvais père. Co-production with France’s Sacrebleu Productions is part of a series of four films directed by well-known comics artists.


Bédéiste Guy Delisle

November 20, 2016 – Toronto – National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Master graphic novelist Guy Delisle is currently working on a short animated adaptation of his Guide du mauvais père that will be co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and France-based production company Sacrebleu Productions. The film is part of a collection of four shorts entitled Les chroniques du neuvième art; the other directors are acclaimed Canadian and French graphic novelists Zviane, Lewis Trondheim and Aude Picault. The characters in Guide du mauvais père will be voiced by François Létourneau (as the father) and Frédéric Larose (as the son).

  • Les chroniques du neuvième art, a series of four short films by graphic novelists Guy Delisle, Zviane, Lewis Trondheim and Aude Picault
    • Synopsis: In 3-to-4-minute-long stories, these graphic-novelists-turned-directors explore the creativity and simplicity of everyday life. This micro-series is marked by its playful approach and unique visual styles. Working with experienced animators, the four directors create highly original situations—some drawing on their existing work (e.g., Guy Delisle’s Guide du mauvais père) and others based on brand-new narratives.
    • A Canada (Julie Roy and Marc Bertrand for the NFB)/France (Ron Dyens for Sacrebleu Productions) co-production. Broadcasters are Canal+ in France and ICI ARTV in Canada.
    • Expected premiere date: June 2017


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