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Skin for Skin

Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher
2017 | 15 min 01 s
Animation Technique: 3D/2D Hybrid

Skin for Skin,  Vimeo Staff Pick, is now available  for free streaming!

Selections and Awards

  • Official SelectionFantasia 2017

  • Canadian Panorama - Official SelectionOttawa International Animation Festival 2017

  • Short Films National CompetitionQuebec City Film Festival 2017

  • Best Overall Short (Live Action or Animated)Calgary International Film Festival 2017

  • Grand Jury Award Best Short Film (Animation) Edmonton International Film Festival 2017

  • Audience Favourite, Narrative Short (Live Action or Animated)Calgary International Film Festival 2017

  • Silver Skull Outstanding Award International Short FilmMorbido Fest 2017 - Mexico

  • Special Mention - Best Short Film more than 5 up to 24 minutesCinemania International Film Festival 2017 - Espinho, Portugal

  • Best Animation and Best of FestivalYorkton Film Festival 2018

  • Competition - Short FilmsAnima Mundi International Animation Festival 2018 - Brazil

  • Official CompetitionAnima Brussels Animation Festival 2018 - Belgium

  • Official Competition Melbourne International Animation Festival 2018 - Australia

  • Special Distinction Award from Short Film CategorySICAF Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Film Festival 2018

Short Synopsis

Q&A - Kevin D.A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher


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Kevin D.A. Kurytnik

Photo : Carol Beecher

Carol Beecher
Director, Producer (Fifteen Pound Pink Productions)


Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Debbie Boccabella

David Christensen



Written and Directed by
Kevin D. A. Kurytnik & Carol Beecher

Bonnie Thompson

Carol Beecher for Fifteen Pound Pink Productions

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Story Team
William Dyer
Danielle Bazinet
Jon Jon Atienza
Nic Wassill
Lyndon Navalta
Ryder McLean

Storyboard Artists
Danielle Bazinet
Kevin D.A. Kurytnik

Carol Beecher

Art Direction
Kevin D.A. Kurytnik

Assistant Art Direction
Lyndon Navalta

Production Manager
Carol Beecher

Production Design
Kevin D.A. Kurytnik
Danielle Bazinet
Lyndon Navalta

Lead Colour Artist / Compositor
Lyndon Navalta

Colour Artist / Compositor
William Dyer
Court Brinsmead

Technical Director
William Dyer

Texture Artist
Danielle Bazinet

Character Design
Douglas Nhung
Julianna Michek

Concept Artists
Lyndon Navalta
Hunter Bonyun
Ryder McLean
Eran Fowler
Cynthia Ward

Pre-viz Modeler
Justin Goran

3D Modeler
Nic Wassill

Assistant Modelers
Ryder McLean
Blake Figol

Lighting & Effects / Compositor
Jon Jon Atienza

Effects / Compositor
Brian Batista

David Reynolds
Blake Figol

Animation Supervisors
Carol Beecher
William Dyer

Lead 3D Animator
 William Dyer

Layout / Animation
Carol Beecher
Court Brinsmead
Ryder McLean
Blake Figol
Nic Wassill

Jon Jon Atienza
Ryder McLean
Price Morgan

Production Interns
Shawna Saunders – 3D Animation
Alexandra Hodgson, Danielle Vuono – Texture/VFX
Lauren Shipton – Texture/Typography
Balbina Argenti, Lee Jang, Kelly-Ann Desouza – 2D Rotoscope
Milan Bojanic – Texture/VFX/Lighting
Kristy Lannan – VFX/Compositing

Lead Researcher
Carol Beecher

Research Assistants
Emma Rouleau
David McGonigal

Production Assistants
Guilia Comin
Ryley Bryanton
Adam Muhieddine
Christina Mah

Technical Consultants
Sean Craig
Steve Kahwati
Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario

Sound Team

Supervising Sound Editor
Frank Laratta

Sound Editors
Brent Planiden
Matt Coffey
Tyler Rambie

Matt Coffey
Tyler Rambie

Re-recording Mixers
Brent Planiden
Frank Laratta

Sound Team

Voice Group
Paul Boucher
Inouk Touzin
Stéphane Prevost
Stephan Gabriele
Jim Ripley
Roger Rhodes

Music Score & Sound Design
Frank Laratta

Audio Post Production Facility
Propeller Studios Inc., Calgary, Alberta

Sound Team
Owen Bonnar

Traditional Songs
A Saint-Malo, Alouette
Passant par Paris, C’est l’aviron
Blue Bonnets, o’er the Border

Additional Sound Editing
Jimmy Bustos
Ryan Von Hagen

Post Production
Jump Studios, Calgary, Alberta
with thanks to Brian Vos and Jennifer Avis

Jeff August
Nick Zacharkiw

Online Editor
Brock Roberts

With the support of
Alberta College of Art + Design
special thanks to Dr. Daniel Doz + Marc Scholes

Peterborough Canoe Museum
Museum of Canadian History
Manitoba Museum
Archives of Manitoba – Hudson’s Bay Company Archives
Royal Alberta Museum
Fort Edmonton Park
The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site
David Williams Boat Tours – 1000 Islands
Les Excursions Rapides Lachine – Montreal
Blue Canoe – Discover Banff Tours
Heritage Park – Calgary
Glenbow Museum
Library and Archives Canada
Theatre Calgary

Production Coordinators
Ginette D’Silva
Faye Yoneda
Jasmine Pullukatt

Marketing Manager
Leslie Stafford

Program Administrators
Bree Beach
Ginette D’Silva

Production Supervisors
Mark Power
Esther Viragh

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Executive Director English Program
Michelle Van Beusekom


Media Relations

  • Nadine Viau
    NFB Publicist – Montreal
    C.: 514-458-9745

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