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Philippe Lambert
2018 | 10 min
Accessible in virtual reality and online

Prizes and awards

  • Interactive Production - Fiction NomineeNumix Awards 2019

  • Official SelectionView Conference 2018

  • Official Competition: Virtual RealityOttawa International Animation Festival 2018

  • Official SelectionDigital Cultures 2018

  • Official SelectionFantoche 2018 - International Film Festival

  • Official SelectionFestival de musique émergente 2018

  • Official SelectionMUTEK 2018

  • Official SelectionFantasia International Film Festival 2018

  • Official SelectionMUTEK_IMG 2018

  • Official SelectionIDFA 2016

  • Official SelectionFilmGate Miami

Creator's Statement

Interview with the creative team


Live Performance at IDFA 2016

Promotional Materials



Creative team. Photo : Minelly Kamemura
Live performance at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam DocLab
Live drawing session at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam DocLab
Philippe Lambert and Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit performing live at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam DocLab


Philippe Lambert
Director, music, sound design
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Philippe Lambert

Born in Montreal, Philippe Lambert is an experimental vocalist, electronic music composer, and interactive art creator. His recordings have been published on Alien8 Recordings, Robosapien Records and Los Discos Enfantasmes. He has co-created three award-winning interactive works for the National Film Board of Canada: BLA BLA (2011), A Journal of Insomnia (2013) and Way to Go (2015). These projects have been presented as interactive installations or musical performances at La Gaîté lyrique, Mutek, IDFA, the Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance. Dream is his first interactive project as a director with the NFB.

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
Programming and Technology
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit

Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit is a creative developer and technical director. Forging a way through uncharted territories, he pushes web technologies (WebGL, WebVR, WebAudio, computer vision, etc.) to levels of sophistication rarely matched. He joined AATOAA in 2010, bringing with him his boss-level skills in the development and creation of interactive videos and installations.


Vincent Lambert
Illustration, animation, 3D modeling
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Vincent Lambert

Vincent Lambert is a visual artist. Previously, he worked in video game development as a cinematics animator and in animation as an assistant technical director for five years. Dream is his first project with the NFB.

Caroline Robert
Illustration, animation, visual design
Photo : Minelly Kamemura

Caroline Robert

Caroline Robert is a graphic designer and artist. Over the past eight years, she has worked on AATOAA studio’s interactive projects (including BLA BLA, Way to Go, Just a Reflektor and Sprawl II). Caroline also designed Arcade Fire’s visual identity for the albums Reflektor and The Suburbs (winner of the 2011 Album of the Year Grammy Award) and created the public art installation Bridge — Bench with Vincent Morisset. Her work has been presented at the Museum of the Moving Image, La Gaîté lyrique, the National Taiwan Museum and at many festivals, including Rotterdam, SXSW, the Japan Media Arts Festival and IDFA.


Hugues Sweeney
Producer & Executive Producer

Hugues Sweeney

After several years of twisting letters as well as ideas by studying philosophy, literature and death metal, Hugues Sweeney became interested in stories as much as the opportunities that technology offers to tell them. First in new media at Radio-Canada, then head of Bande à part and Espace musique, he joined the National Film Board of Canada in 2009 as executive producer dedicated to interactive works. Continuing experimentation both in the grammar of interaction, in sound creation or in generative art, projects from the interactive studio of the NFB has received numerous international awards including SXSW, Japan Media Arts, Boomerang, FIPA d’or and nominations for the Digital Emmy, IDFA, Gemini or the Gémeaux.


A creation by Philippe Lambert, with Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit, Vincent Lambert and Caroline Robert.

A National Film Board of Canada production.


Director, music, sound design
Philippe Lambert

Technology and creative development
Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit

Illustration, animation, 3D modeling
Vincent Lambert

Illustration, animation, visual design
Caroline Robert

Concept and writing
Philippe Lambert

Translation and copy editing
Catherine Bélanger
Gabrielle Lisa Collard
Bronwyn Haslam


Executive Producer
Hugues Sweeney

Marie-Pier Gauthier

Production Managers
Nathalie Bédard Morin
Marie-Pier Gauthier

Editorial Manager
Valérie Darveau

Technologies Director
Martin Viau

Production Coordinators
Marie-Ève Babineau
Claudia Boutin
Perrine Bral
Dominique Brunet
Caroline Fournier

Marie-Andrée Bonneau

Marketing Manager
Tammy Peddle

Marketing Coordinators
Florent Prevelle
Stéphanie Quevillon

Social Media Strategist
Kate Ruscito

Community Managers
Alyssia Duval-Nguon
Mélissa Sauvé

Web Content Project Manager
Félix-Antoine Viens

Press Relations
Marie-Claude Lamoureux

Information Technologies
Sergiu Suciu

Legal Services
Peter Kallianiotis


Bianca Arroyo-Kreimes
Caspar Sonnen
École primaire Arc-en-Ciel, l’enseignante et la classe
Jonas Kraft
Minelly Kamemura
Monique Simard
Simon Lambert
Victoria Catherine Chan
Vincent Morisset
François Turcotte
Wotienke Vermeer

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