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Birth of a Family

Tasha Hubbard
2017 | 79 min 14 s

Prizes and awards

  • Official SelectionHot Docs 2017

  • Official SelectionCinefest Sudbury 2017

  • Official SelectionCalgary International Film Festival 2017

  • Special Jury PrizeimagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival 2017

  • Audience Choice AwardEdmonton International Film Festival 2017

  • Official SelectionCinequest Film & VR Festival 2017

  • Kathleen Shannon AwardYorkton Film Festival 2018

“We grew up in white homes, speaking only English and with no connection to our people or our culture. Though we were loved, we were outsiders in families that had grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that were not ours.” Betty Ann Adam


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Q & A with Tasha Hubbard

Q & A with Betty Ann Adam



Family all together at Banff.

Celebration time

Remembering Mom.

At the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum.

Celebration time.
Tasha Hubbard
Photo: Tasha Hubbard

Tasha Hubbard
Photo: Tasha Hubbard

Tasha Hubbard
Photo: Tasha Hubbard

Tasha Hubbard
Photo: Tasha Hubbard

Bonnie Thompson
Photo: Bonnie Thompson

Courageous steps
Tasha Hubbard
Photo: Tasha Hubbard

Outing to Athabasca Glacier.


Tasha Hubbard

Photo : Nadya Kwandibens

Bonnie Thompson
Producer (NFB)

Photo : Debbie Boccabella

David Christensen
Producer & Executive Producer



Between 1955 and 1985, the Canadian and provincial governments
removed an estimated 20,000 Indigenous children from their homes
and placed them in the child welfare system.

Four children were taken from Mary Jane Adam, a Dene single mother.

Taken as a baby in 1965

Taken as a baby in 1963

Taken as a baby in 1961

Betty ANN
Taken as a baby in 1961

Betty Ann, the eldest, found her siblings over the course of several decades.
This will be the first time all four of Mary Jane’s kids come together.
This will be the first time all four of Mary Jane’s kids come together.

Thank you to
Betty Ann

Written by
Tasha Hubbard &
Betty Ann Adam

Directed by
Tasha Hubbard

Bonnie Thompson

Executive Producer
David Christensen

Hans Olson

Consulting Editor
Scott Parker

Director of Photography
Allan Leader

Thomas Dudley
Jim Moule

Production Manager
Darin Wilson

Location Sound
Per Asplund
Brad Martin

Sound Design
Perry Blackman
Blackman Productions

Serge Boivin

Serge Verreault

Jacques Bertrand Simard

Data Management
Oliver Lessard

Patricia Garry

Special Thanks
Marie Wilson The Willie Dunn Family
Trisha Polard Connie Grace
Angelika Eirisch Joanne Wilson
Ian Burt Lucia Diakuw
Quannah Duquette Robert McIntyre
Joanne Taylor Gisele Gordon
Danis Goulet Lisa Jackson
Marcel Balfour Tanya Harnett
Eleanore Sunchild Raven Sinclair
Heather Persson Rose Pacquette
Raymond Adam

Calgary Airport
Enterprise Rent a Car, Calgary International Airport
Town of Banff
Banff National Park
Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum
Douglas Fir Resort & Chalet
Fairmont Banff Springs/Chateau Lake Louise
Spirit of Christmas
Banff Photography
Great Canadian Dollar Store
Glacier Adventure Tour
Glacier Skywalk
Brewster Inc.

Card 19

I Pity the Country
Willie Dunn
Available on
Native North America (VOL. 1)
Aboriginal Folk, Rock And Country 1966 -1985
℗ 2014 Light in The Attic Records & Distribution

Associate Producer
Betty Ann Adam

Production Coordinators
Jasmine Pullukatt
Ginette D’Silva
Faye Yoneda

Production Supervisors
Mark Power
Esther Viragh

Marketing Manager
Leslie Stafford

Program Administrator
Bree Beach
Ginette D’Silva

Centre Operations Manager
Darin Clausen

Executive Director, English Programming and Production
Michelle Van Beusekom


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